Launching is possible 3 hours either side of high water springs, and 4 hours on neaps.

St. Anthony provides the easiest launching on the south side of the Helford River.  A tractor is available to assist launching and recovering larger boats on weekdays up to 4.30pm. This service is not normally available at weekends. Launching charges (excepting the use of tractors) are waived for boats coming onto Sailaway moorings for more than one night. Car parking is available very close to the pontoon and creek. Sailaway has deep-water and drying moorings as well as a large dinghy park and a secure trailer park available to visitors bringing their own boats to the area.

We regret that Dive Boats and Jet Skis are not accepted.

2021 CHARGES – Same day launch and recovery

Sailboards/canoes/kayaks £3
Dinghies and inflatables below 15 HP £6
RIBS/runabouts with motors 15 HP and below 80HP £12
Trailer sailers/Shrimpers/large powerboats/RIBS 80HP and over)£24
Yachts and large boats floating on/off trailers on the tide £40
Tractor assisted £35
Tractor tow to top of hill £25